Nov. 4th Post Election Top 10 “I Wish I Had List”

Note:  The following comes from an email update by the chair of Hampton’s Democratic Committee, Gaylene Kanoyton ….

The Top 10… I wish I had list …

if our candidates lose by a few votes on Nov. 3

10. I wish I had of volunteered, phone banked, canvassed
9.  I wish I had of called everyone I knew and told them to vote for Deeds, Wagner. Shannon and all Dem candidates (groups,co-workers, friends,neighbors, young voters)
8.  I wish I had of worked the polls on election day
7.  I wish I had of volunteered to drive people to the polls
6.  I wish I had of promoted and distributed literature at my barber, hairstylist shop, club meetings ect… (lit is available at local campaign offices)
5.  I wish I had of made a contribution to the campaign (See websites below) – Any amount is acceptable… Every little bit counts!
4.  I wish I had of promoted the importance of voting in my church
3.  I wish I had of  texted & Emailed everyone on Nov. 3 to vote for Deeds, Wagner & Shannon
2.  I wish I had of promoted absentee and overseas voting
1.  I wish I had of …VOTED!

Get energized and promote Deeds, Wagner and Shannon & Democratic ticket!

Creigh Deeds for Governor :


Jody Wagner for Lt. Governor:
Steve Shannon for Attorney General:

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