OFA Pushes Election Day Turnout – “Two Things”

Organizing for America

Election Day in Virginia is on Tuesday, and we’ve got an important race to win. There are two quick things you can do to make a big impact in our effort to elect Creigh Deeds governor.

First: Vote on Tuesday. Look up your polling location now.

Second: Call five neighbors in your precinct and share this polling location with them.

After you look up your polling location, you’ll also get a list of five voters in your precinct to call. Our click-to-call tool makes it incredibly easy, and your calls will make a huge difference.

Look up your polling location and share it with five voters in your precinct.

We’ve made too much progress in Virginia to let it slip back now. Creigh Deeds offers a positive vision and real solutions to Virginia’s challenges in transportation and the economy. Let’s do everything we can to make them a reality.


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America

Note: this was received via email and was “Paid for by Organizing for America, a project of the Democratic National Committee, www.barackobama.com. Authorized by, and intended to benefit, Creigh Deeds, Candidate for Governor.”


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