Quick Post 2009 Election Hits

  • Virginia is not and was not “Deeds Country”
  • Few Virginians are “Deeds Democrats”
  • Six out of Every Ten Registered Voters Stayed Home … compare that to 2008 when almost eight in ten voted …
  • Virginians who voted in 2009 accurately reflected the Democratic and Republican Parties “core base” of voters … translation … when only 40% of registered voters show up … Virginia Republicans have a base of approximately 950,000 … Democrats can count on a base of around 750,000 … “independent” voters numbering nearly 300,000 have to break strongly Democratic to have our candidates win Commonwealth wide elections … we have to make up the ground by giving folks a reason to vote for Democrats … and/or we must increase voter turnout … our goal should be to convert 200,000 voters from independents into Democrats to level the playing field .. and/or reach out to 200,000 folks who voted in Presidential election and move them into the  dependable annual “core base” of Democratic voters
  • Some 70% of voters said President Obama was not a factor in their choice for governor … if he had been a factor would more people have voted Democratic? … People I’ve spoken to say “YES WE CAN” was missing from the Democratic message
  • Democrats need to chose our Commonwealth wide candidates with a view of securing the Democratic base
  • Thinking about upcoming 2010 Virginia elections  … every congressional district but the third and the eighth voted Republican… even Congressman Rick Boucher  has become a target … 66% of his 9th district gave their votes to Deeds opponent despite his strong endorsement …

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