GenerationEngage Merges Work Into

Note: After the results of Virginia’s last election and now the loss in Massachusetts this announcement becomes even more significant …

Dear Friends,
I write today with pride and exciting news about GenerationEngage, which several young people and I co-founded five years ago.

GenerationEngage’s Board of Directors recently voted unanimously to bring our programming and staff under the umbrella of  We have transferred GenGage’s assets and full staff to, where GenGage’s work and mission will continue, and grow. shares GenerationEngage’s values along with a nearly identical mission.  Over the past few years, our two organizations have worked together particularly closely and successfully.  Rather than continue working on the same issues while operating separately and competing for limited dollars behind the scenes, we know we will have greater impact by coming together; the resulting sum will be more powerful than our parts could have been.

GenGage’s first-rate and entrepreneurial community directors have worked with thousands of community college students across the country and have built strong organizing networks in Raleigh, Charlotte, Miami, San Jose, and New York City.  GenGage has pioneered a winning formula for politicians – both national and local – and young Americans to engage one another.  We’ve worked in nonpartisan coalitions on electoral, civic, and educational issues to advance engagement opportunities for the Millennial Generation.  Strategic partnerships with several like-minded organizations have shown us the value of true collaboration.  We’re excited to take that collaboration to the next level: convergence.

GenGage Executive Director Decker Ngongang is now Vice President of Programs, and I will join the Board of Directors at its next meeting.

Soon, we’ll unveil a new Website and a full calendar of programming in communities and on campuses around the country.  In the mean time, I’m happy to introduce you to my friend and colleague, CEO Maya Enista, who is cc’d here and can be reached at

I remain enormously grateful for the generous and ongoing support of The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, which will fund in 2010.

Most importantly, thank YOU for your tremendous participation and continued support in 2010 and beyond.
Onward together!

With endless thanks and great anticipation,

Justin Rockefeller
Chairman and Co-Founder, GenerationEngage makes democracy work better by investing in Millennial-driven solutions.

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