Will Virginia Democrats Give Back Congressional Gains?

Former Virginia Governor and current Democratic National Committee Chairman, Tim Kaine on CNN’s “State of the Union”

“We’re going to lose seats. We’re not living in average times. When the economy is tough, that means that there’s volatility in the electorate. And we definitely see it. But I don’t think you’re going to see us lose either [chamber], because I think we’ve got good candidates. I think the Republicans are moving way to the right of the American electorate. And we’re pretty good at the field side of politics, which is what we’re focused on between now and November 2.”

For us in Virginia does that mean we’ll lose these seats?

VA- 05  Tom Perriello (likely takeover – 86% chance of losing seat)

VA-02  Glenn Nye (even chance of turnover – 53% chance of losing seat)

VA- 09  Rick Boucher (takeover possible – 23% chance of losing seat)

VA-11  Gerry Connolly (takover possible – 21% chance of losing seat)

The numbers above are from the current “election forecast” from FiveThirityEight on the New York Times

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