Virginia Beach Democrats Pushing “Operation Energize”

Note: Susan Mariner and Virginia Beach’s Democratic Committee keep pushing:

VBDC “Operation Energize” Begins

President Obama said last Wednesday, “The only way we fall backward is if we don’t get mobilized, if we don’t get energized – because I promise you, the other side is energized.”

We have seen the Tea Party take over and merge with the Republican Party.

Tea Party Republican Scott Rigell wants to be our Congressman.

Tea Party Republican supporters are running for Virginia Beach City Council and Virginia Beach School Board too.

Fortunately, Democrats of great integrity are running for these offices, and with our help we can beat these Tea Party Republicans.

To that end the Virginia Beach Democratic Committee officially launches “Operation Energize,” a coordinated mobilization of Democrats in Virginia Beach.

With 35 days left before the election, I ask you to donate time to this critical effort.

Operation Energize Event #1: Pot Luck/ Phone Bank to Energize Past Volunteers
Thursday, Sept 30    6:30-8:30 pm
Location-  Home of Precincts & Elections Chair Diana Cotter
5412 Cawdor Circle
Virginia Beach, VA  23464
Bring a simple dish, a cell phone, and a smile.
Volunteers needs:  20 total – 10 already signed up = 10 additional volunteers needed

RSVP to Diana at 757-553-7307

Operation Energize Event #2: Walk for Democrats
Saturday, Oct 2     10am-noon and 1pm-3pm
Help us put Democratic flyers on Democrats’ doors and ask the Democrats we meet to come out to vote on November 2nd.
Launching from Kempsville area.  If you can walk, we need your help.
Volunteers needed:  40 total – 12 already signed up = 28 additional volunteers needed

Please RSVP to Diana at 757-533-7307
(If you are unable to join us on this date, but are willing to assist with very important project, let Diana know at 757-553-7307)

Additional “Operation Energize” events to come….

The Democratic Party needs you for these final 35 days.

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