Jim Webb Steps Up To Help Connolly, Nye and Perriello

With less than two weeks to go before this year’s critical midterm elections, I am writing you in hopes that you will join me in supporting Virginia’s three extraordinary freshman members of the United States House of Representatives.

To a greater degree than perhaps any other state in America, Virginia is the prime battleground for control of the House of Representatives.  All of us recall with pride how in 2008, Virginia led the way with a net gain of three seats in the House – changing the balance in our delegation from an 8-3 Republican advantage to a 6-5 Democratic advantage.

As we enter the final phase of the campaign, these hard fought gains are clearly at risk.  Our three freshman members of the House have been strong partners with me as we work to restore economic fairness, re-orient our national security and bring basic accountability back to the federal government.  Their re-election is critical to our sustained progress.

  • Representative Glenn Nye (Va-2):  Appointed to the House Armed Services Committee during his first term in office, Glenn has been a champion for naval and military families in the Hampton Roads region of Virginia.  He worked closely with me to ensure that the Commonwealth would not lose an aircraft carrier to Florida, and he is fighting hard to maintain the Joint Forces Command in southeastern Virginia.
  • Representative Tom Perriello (Va-5): Tom Perriello has been a workhorse.  He understands the economic forces that have cost jobs and undermined the manufacturing base of Southside Virginia.  He  has fought hard for fair trade, new investments in rural infrastructure, and effective job training – all key components to our efforts to restore economic growth.
  • Representative Gerry Connolly (Va-11):  With his extensive background in local government, Gerry Connolly has brought critically-needed, practical experience to the work of holding down taxes, reducing wasteful spending, and strengthening public education.  Gerry’s colleagues recognized his leadership capabilities when they elected him President of the Freshman Class.

I urge you to join me in making a contribution today to these three outstanding members of the House of Representatives.  Current polls show that each of these candidates is in a very tight race, and our help in these final days can make the difference.  Beyond helping these candidates financially, I hope you’ll also join me in doing what you can to urge your friends and neighbors to support them as well.

Thanks for your continuing support of the Born Fighting PAC.


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