FiveThirtyEight Forecasts Virginia Congressional Races

“Based on polling, expert forecasts, fundraising, past election returns and other indicators, this is the prediction of how the district will vote on Nov. 2.” The following is how FiveThirtyEight sees the chance of the incumbent returning to Congress for the next session”

1st District – Wittman (R) 100%

2nd District – Nye (D) 24%

3rd District – Scott (D) 100%

4th District – Forbes (R) 100%

5th District – Perriello (D) 10%

6th District – Goodlatte (R) 100%

7th District – Cantor (R) 100%

8th District – Moran (D) 100%

9th District – Boucher (D) 66%

10th District – Wolf (R) 100%

11th District – Connolly (D) 61%

Note: According the analysis of FiveThirtyEight only two incumbents face a serious challenge.   No matter what district you are from … or what the polls show … make your voice heard … Vote !!!

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