Virginia’s Election Day “Affirmation of Identity” only Name and Signiture Required

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Date:        10/27/2010 03:25 PM

MESSAGE: Affirmation of Identity

The State Board received several questions regarding the Affirmation of Identity.  At the request of a locality, the Board expanded the form to request additional identifying information from the voter.  Staff posted the revised form for comment, the Board adopted the form, and USDOJ subsequently pre-cleared it this past summer.  The revised form asks for the following pieces of information: the voter’s name, signature, the last four digits of the SSN, date of birth, residential address, and telephone.

In accordance with Sec. 24.2-643(B) of the Code of Virginia, only the first two items (name and signature) are required.  The last four items are requested but not required.  Therefore, if a voter signs and prints their name but does not provide any additional information, the affirmation of identity shall be accepted.

Vanessa Archie
SBE Information Center
State Board of Elections
Tel: [804] 864-8908
Fax: [804] 371-0194

NOTICE: This message, including any attachments, may summarize laws, regulations and policies.  It is not legal advice, nor a binding statement of official policy.  Furthermore, this message and any responses sent to this email address may be subject to public disclosure under FOIA.

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