Moran’s DPVA Chair Bid Receiving Support From Democrats All Across Virginia

She’s not whispering it … Hampton Road’s Vivian Paige shares her endorsement on her blog…

Click here for Virgina Beach’s Eileen Levandoski’s endorsement…

Click here to checkout who’s a fan of “Brian Moran for DPVA Chair” on Facebook.

Ward Armstrong sends this along via email:

Dear Central Committee Members:

As you know Dick Cranwell will be stepping down as the chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia in December.  I appreciate the hard work that Dick has put in over his tenure as chairman.  We will miss his leadership.

You also know that Brian Moran has indicated his strong interest in serving as the next chairman of the party.  I have had the pleasure of serving in the House with Brian and working with him closely in his role as the Caucus chairman.  Under his leadership in 2007 Democrats picked up 5 seats in the House.  This was due in no small measure to his talents in recruiting and fundraising.

I write to advise you that I support Brian’s candidacy for chairman and to ask for your support of him as well.   I’m sure that his fundraising skills and readiness to call Republicans to task when they are in error  will be most helpful to us in next year’s elections. I also know Brian will be outspoken in our efforts for fair redistricting next year.

A few weekends ago I was listening to the Virginia Tech football game against Wake Forrest.  As I listened to the Virginia Tech victory, I couldn’t help but think about the season that Virginia Tech has had.  This team seemed to be going nowhere after the loss to James Madison, and I thought about what Head Coach Frank Beamer must have said to his team following that loss.  I imagine he must have said that the fight isn’t over yet, and that the team could salvage the season by taking it one game at a time.

This reminded me about the situation currently facing Democrats in the Commonwealth.  Republicans control all three statewide offices, the House, and now the majority of our Congressional seats.  It would be easy for us as Democrats to get discouraged, much like it would have been easy for the Virginia Tech football players to get discouraged and give up on their season.  But the players didn’t give up, and Democrats shouldn’t give up either.  By working hard and supporting our candidates, one race at a time, one election at a time, Democrats can successfully gain the power to fix the Commonwealth’s problems. Hard work and dedication can help Democrats overcome even the most insurmountable of odds.  I believe Brian Moran has the experience, commitment, and skill to lead us in that charge.

I hope you will consider joining me in supporting Brian as our next party chair.

Ward Armstrong

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