Carlos Del Toro Offers Thoughtful Endorsement For Brian Moran’s Bid For DPVA Chair

Carlos DelToro Dear Friends-

I am strongly endorsing Brian Moran for Chair of DPVA, and I write to encourage you to do the same.

I first met Brian during my run for the House of Delegates in 2007. As Caucus Chair, Brian was deeply involved in our campaign, from fundraising and organizational support to friendship and moral support. He spent quality time with me and my staff, giving much needed encouragement and resources during a tough campaign in a non-traditional district- precisely the effort that will be critical to the future success of DPVA. I quickly learned to rely on him for advice and counsel, and was consistently impressed with his deep knowledge of my community and his professionalism.

At this stage in our development, we need a Party chair with deep knowledge of the political process, connections in each corner of the Commonwealth, and a fighter’s spirit- Brian has all of these and more. His time as a small business owner and advocate allows him to speak with authenticity to a wide spectrum of voters, especially the Independents we so desperately need to win statewide. His time as Caucus Chair and gubernatorial candidate gave him the platform to articulate the core values of the Democratic Party of Virginia- economic fairness and social justice for all our citizens. Brian has been a friend to the major constituencies of our Party for decades, and will continue to fight for all of us as Chair.

My unwavering support for Brian in no way diminishes Peter Rousselot or his contributions to the Party. We are extremely fortunate to have two excellent candidates for this position, and I sincerely hope that Peter will be involved in the rebuilding process. His time in Arlington was incredibly successful, and his expertise will be invaluable to other committees seeking best practices and improvement. Peter has been a dedicated volunteer for many years and also a friend. I look forward to working with him in the future.

While the past two cycles have been difficult, they also leave incredible opportunity. We have the chance to rebuild our Party and elect the legislators that we all deserve, legislators who protect the middle class not special interests, protect our civil rights and ensure true equality for all our citizens. Brian Moran is the best person to lead us into this future, and hope you will join us.


Carlos Del Toro
Member DPVA Central Committee
Stafford, Virginia

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