2010 Virginia Congressional Races – Money Raised

1st District
Rob Wittman (R)* $1,208,935
Krystal Ball (D) $920,554

2nd District
Glenn Nye (D)* $2,147,096
Scott Rigell (R) $3,709,675

3rd District
Robert C. Scott (D)* $358,732
Chuck Smith (R) $72,907

4th District
Randy Forbes (R)* $923,622
Wynne LeGrow (D) $160,889

5th District
Tom Perriello (D)* $3,383,054
Robert Hurt (R) $1,899,261

6th District
Bob Goodlatte (R)* $952,789
Vacant (D) $0.00

7th District
Eric Cantor (R)* $5,552,954
Rick Waugh (D) $106,800

8th District
Jim Moran (D)* $1,126,848
Patrick Murray (R) $341,050

9th District
Rick Boucher (D)* $2,338,528
Morgan Griffith (R) $811,561

10th District
Frank R. Wolf (R)* $1,214,679
Jeffery Robert Barnett (D) $577,713

11th District
Gerry Connolly (D)* $2,215,272
Keith S. Fimian (R) $2,351,201

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