Wiliamsburg County Chair Urges DPVA Central Committee To Elect Brian Moran


Friends, I write to share with you my commitment to work tirelessly for the election of Brian Moran as Chairperson of the Democratic Party of Virginia…and I ask you to join me in this trek!

Brian walks and talks boldly, convincingly and consistently about the role of the Democratic Party of Virginia in the future of our Commonwealth and our Nation. He understands the Power of the Democratic Party to make a significant difference in the lives of all people.

He stepped forward when other candidates and local party leaders were hesitant to confront the fossil-fueled electricity plant proposed in Surry County. He said, ‘NO COAL PLANT’, and spoke intelligently and persuasively about the environmental and economical disasters of such plants.

Trace his past and discover how he has initiated, planned, implemented and evaluated key strategies to assure the viability and sustainability of our Commonwealth. From education and energy to the environment, the economy and equality, Brian knows and shows how to unite people and ideas to make a significant difference. I think often about what a different place our Commonwealth would be had he become our Governor!!!

Speaking of Gov. BobbyMac and AG CooCooNelly, Brian will work with us to build strong systems to contain and defeat their vile and destructive plans aimed at the 5Es: environment, economy, education, energy and equality. And he will help us put the Repub Invasion of Congress in our sights. Speaking of Repubs; I tell everyone that I would rather lose with Krystal Ball than win with Rob Wittman!!

I believe BRIAN MORAN IS OUR PERSON to lead the Democratic Party of Virginia through the tough times and into the NEW DAY!!!

Brian, I pledge my support and commitment as you seek this post of ultimate responsibility…and when YOU PREVAIL.

John Whitley, Co-Chairperson
Democratic Committee of Williamsburg

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