Public Media Camp Happening This Weekend

Note: This weekend I’ll be spending my time at … thanks to all the great sponsors

What: PublicMediaCamp ’10 (aka PubCamp) is the second national gathering of public media staff and enthusiasts, seeking to work together to strengthen public media in their communities.

PublicMediaCamp seeks to bring together community technology activists, citizen journalists and other members of the public eager to support public media in tangible ways, bringing them together with public broadcasters in an engaging collaborative environment.

Where: American University’s Mary Gradon Hall (map). Other past/future PubCamps hosted by stations around the country are listed here.

Who: PublicMediaCamp ’10 will be co-hosted by NPR, PBS and AU’s Center for Social Media, in conjunction with iStrategyLabs.

Participants will be composed of public broadcasters, as well individuals who are passionate about public broadcasting and who have a personal interest in volunteering time and effort to further its mission.


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