Brian Moran’s DPVA Chair Bid Gathers More Support

Note:  Frank Leone shares his thoughtful and knowledgeable endorsement of Brian at DemRulz … he and I especially agree on what he says about Brian’s challenger  … “I have a lot of respect for my friend Peter Rousellot and I look forward to continuing to work with him, and those who support him, as well.”

All across Virginia Democrats are supporting Brian (in no particular order here are just a few)  Bobby Crisp, Nicholas Smith, Susan Warner, Paul Baker, Susan Swecker, Rachel Rifkind, LeAnne Binger, Steve Bunn, Kristin Cabral, Rebecca Jaramillo, Charley Conrad, Harold Bannister, Joe Fitzgerald, Mame Reiley, Ronald Reynolds, Sean Holihan, Julie Jakopic, Steve Cochran, Victoria Cochran, Ronald Good, Joseph Harmon, Ernestine Jenkins, Terron Sims, Dorothy Holley, Diane Kaufman, Sandra Klassen, Craig Fifer, Ollie Bates, George Barney, Jr. Pixie Bell, Susan Kellom, Barbara Klear, Randy Klear, Janet Carver, Louis Cernak, Jr., Larry Keefe, Margaret Kugler, Dawn Lawson, Ralph V. Maly, Carlton Stockton, Opal Stroup, Doris Crouse-Mays, Judy Mastrangeli, A. Pat Lightfoot, Tom Herbert, Jennifer Little, J.J. Minor, Fred Mittelman, Brian Moore, Evelyn Morris-Harris, James Nachman, Robert Martin, Hung Nguyen, Dr. Elisabeth (P.J.) Palmer-Johnson, Ginny Lehner Peters, Lauren Smith, Reed Stockman, Richard Bochner, Marc Broklawski, Carol Summerlyn, Chapin Wilson, Gary Crawford, Sally Davis, Kerry Donley, Vernell Woodson, Michael Kirby …

For an official list see

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