DPVA Chair, Brian Moran Responds to Fiscally “Irresponsible” McDonnell/GOP Transportation Plan

Note:  The following comes via a DPVA press release … it’s obvious the McDonnell/GOP concept is to use “borrow and plunder” policies to try to create the impression that they are working to solve Virginia’s transportation nightmare while actually creating larger problems future administrations will be forced to deal with ….

Moran Responds to ‘Irresponsible’ McDonnell Transportation Plan

Chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia Brian Moran released the following statement in response to a transportation plan released by Governor Bob McDonnell today:

“We must have missed the announcement when Bob McDonnell hired Jim Gilmore as his budget director. This plan, on the heels of his failed plan to privatize the state’s ABC system, is more of the same from our governor who simply refuses to honestly address the Commonwealth’s transportation needs.”

“Bob McDonnell’s plan to borrow billions of dollars to fund transportation projects will not only guarantee that a future governor will have to actually pay for this irresponsibility, it will also put the state at risk of losing it’s hard earned and envious AAA bond-rating.

“Between the $1.8 billion in state bonds and the $1.1 billion in GARVEY bonds that are a gamble against federal highway dollars that are not guaranteed to exist in the future, this plan would lead to a dangerous explosion in public IOU’s at a time when Virginia taxpayers already spend more in debt-service than we spend on sheriff’s offices.

“At a time when our state budget is already perilously balanced on the backs of Virginia’s retirees, we simply can’t afford for the Governor to float a reckless and irresponsible plan to pay for his priorities by borrowing money that we don’t have and cannot pay back without raising taxes. The people of this Commonwealth deserve better leadership than this Jim Gilmore-type financing scheme.”


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