Senator Jim Webb Supporting the White House and the “ultimate stimulus plan”

December 09, 2010
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The “ultimate stimulus plan”

This week, the White House proposed a bipartisan plan on middle class tax cuts and unemployment insurance, which will reinvigorate our economy and put Americans back to work.

I commend the President for his leadership in forging this agreement.  The proposal is the ultimate stimulus plan. It will put more money directly into the pockets of people and small businesses, allowing that money to be quickly recycled as the economy expands. It will provide greater certainty for business and investment planning and extend several programs that effectively serve working Americans and lower-income families.

Failing to act now will result in higher taxes for almost all Americans starting on January 1st – an unacceptable result for an economy that remains fragile and in danger of further job losses.

No one will agree with every provision in the proposed agreement.  The simple reality is that the American people–particularly those who are out of work–cannot afford to wait while politics-as-usual blocks an effective, bipartisan plan to stimulate the economy and restore growth.

You can find more about the bipartisan plan by clicking here.

You can watch my interview with CNN’s John King on this subject by clicking here.

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