Asking Voters/Citizens to “Protect the Protectors”

Note:  The following is from a December 20th Press Release and directed to Mr. Peter Frost and Daily Press … but the contents are important to every public servant across the Commonwealth and to every Virginian …

In response to the Daily Press article “Virginia’s Pensions Problem” printed in Sunday 19 December 2010; York County & City of Williamsburg Professional Firefighters would like to send this email in response to the article written by Peter Frost and commend him for using these true facts about the Virginia Retirement System and the Governors and Virginia House of Delegate Leadership plans to create a new TAX on current VRS members.

Your words used are much appreciated; it’s always nice to have the voting community be able to read the facts about an issue and not someone’s opinion. The voters need to know that local Fire Fighters, Paramedics, Law Enforcement Officers and state employees are suffering from this economic crisis. These proposed changes to the Virginia Retirement System would have devastating long lasting negative effects on your fire fighters, paramedics, law enforcement officers, teachers and other employees and their families across the state.

Speaking from a local fire fighters perspective; we and our families have suffered for roughly 3 years, not receiving earned years of service raises, Cost of Living / Market Adjustments, and increases in health care cost with benefits being reduced year after year.

Last year was an extremely difficult year for your public safety officials; however, 2011 will be an even tougher fight. Your Firefighters, Paramedics, Law Enforcement Officers, Teachers and other dedicated employees will again see our healthcare insurance increase. The budget process just began for our locality and it is rumored that we are not receiving any Cost of Living / Market Adjustment and our earned years of service raises will still be frozen.

The Governor and House Leadership is once again attempting to place the entire state financial problems on the backs of the people who put their health and lives on “The Line” every day for all Virginians. They once again will attempt to add a NEW TAX on our pay checks to make up for loses created by years of underfunding by our elected officials.

Firefighters, Paramedics and other local/state employees continue to live in fear of losing the American dream. Morale is plummeting and we must ask ourselves when the “Bleeding” will stop. The only way these officials will stop the attacks is if the voters we protect everyday stand up and “Protect the Protectors” by ordering their elected officials to Stop the Attack on us.

Your Professional Fire Fighters and Paramedics thank you again for your support by writing this article which states only the FACTS.

Drafted by: York County & City of Williamsburg Professional Fire Fighters Public Relations Committee and released by President Dinse

Donald M. Dinse, President
York County & City of Williamsburg Professional Fire Fighters

Cc: International Association of Fire Fighters
Virginia Professional Fire Fighters
Virginia Fraternal Order of Police
Virginia PBA

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