Virginia’s Film Day at the Capital on February 1st

Film Day at the Capital – February 1st (10).

On February 1st, the Virginia Production Alliance will be hosting its annual Film Day from at the General Assembly Building on Capitol Hill from 8 am until noon. Everyone involved in any way with Virginia’s production community is invited to come and help to education Virginia lawmakers about the value of the industry to the state. This includes crew, actors, production company staff, students, video game programmers, and vendors who work with production. Everyone who has a story to tell about how the industry has impacted their lives and livelihoods.

The heart of the event is an educational area on the ground floor of the General Assembly building, staffed by industry members and including popcorn and donuts, DVD presentation, and educational materials. For those who wish to make an even greater impact on the legislative process, there will be people on hand to assist all those who wish to make personal visits to legislative offices and lawmakers.

Whether or not you are able to come to Film Day, please take the time to send an email to your legislators in support of Virginia’s production industry. To do this, simply visit, and go to “Who’s my Legislator,” enter your name and address, and send an email. It’s impossible to overstate the value that each individual email or letter has on the legislative process. It’s simple, but incredibly effective.

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