Jim Moran Update – “An Irresponsible Budget”

Congressman Jim Moran, Representing the 8th District of  Virginia

This morning at 4 a.m. the House of Representatives approved the Republican leadership’s proposed budget for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2011 which ends on September 30th. I could not have been more opposed. This budget calls for drastic and harmful cuts that will affect all Americans. To appease an extreme wing of their party, the Republican leadership promised to include $100 billion in spending cuts for the remaining seven months of the fiscal year.

My Democratic colleagues and I took to the House floor to argue against the harmful cuts included in this bill, from defunding crucial education programs like Head Start to blocking the EPA from ensuring we have clean water to drink and air to breathe. Cutting wasteful spending is responsible. Slashing programs and funding critical to the public’s health and well-being is reckless.

Not only will these severe cuts hurt families across the country, the Economic Policy Institute has reported as many as 800,000 public and private sector employees could lose their jobs as a result of it.

How Northern Virginia would be harmed specifically:

It could not be more clear that this irresponsible budget fails to invest in our nation and would threaten our economy’s path to recovery. We need to balance our budget, but not on the backs of average Americans in a way that shortchanges everyone’s future. I will continue to fight tooth and nail for a responsible budget, one that provides funding for programs that make us stronger, cuts those that don’t, and makes reforms that will put our fiscal house in order for the long run.


James P. Moran

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