Dick Toye Receives Lifetime Achievement Award



Whereas, Dick Toye has dedicated a lifetime of leadership, expertise and service in support of the Democratic Committee of Spotsylvania County wherein, when the Spotsylvania County Democratic  Committee had perhaps eight active members, he and chair Jim Smith kept the committee alive;  singlehandedly, performing the duties of Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Outreach Chair, Trainer, Mentor, and Recruiter when no one else could, or would, step up to the task; and, despite its small size, enabling the Committee to fulfill its responsibilities of reorganizing every two years, conducting caucuses in support of nominations and district activities, and participating fully in the 1st and 7th CD committees; and

Whereas, over his lifetime Dick Toye has served in the following positions of leadership in the Spotsylvania County Democratic Committee and performed the following tasks in an exemplary fashion, serving as a role model and mentor for other committee members and grassroots supporters:

  • Vice Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Outreach Chair Committee Chair
  • Membership and Party Building Chair
  • Member SCDC Executive Committee
  • Precinct Captain for an “orphan precinct” other than his own
  • Poll Worker
  • Setting up and staffing the Stars and Stripes Event in Spotsylvania County, and helping with the booth at the Fredericksburg Heritage Festival year after year
  • Member recruitment
  • Hosting fundraisers for candidates
  • Canvassing
  • Phone Banking, and

Whereas, Dick Toye is always a generous donor to candidates and Committee functions, including campaign contributions, food for fundraisers and meetings, and other financial and in-kind support; and

Whereas, Dick Toye is a recognized community leader in Spotsylvania, appearing in support of worthy causes and providing valuable advice and counsel on local issues such as:

  • Speaking out against selling the John J. Wright Middle School, arguing that that John J. Wright was a teacher, a farmer, a civic worker and an organizer of the Sunday School Union who helped black youth to acquire voting rights and an education, and that the school was a symbol and a testament to John J. Wright and it was a monument and museum important to the African American community; and because of the testimony of Dick Toye and others, the School Board and the Board of Supervisors was unanimously opposed to the sale of the school 
  • Speaking in support of the rezoning of the Settlement District of the Comprehensive Plan, which generally recommended mixed use centers surrounded by residential development, at a density range of 0.5 to 3 dwelling units per gross acre
  • Speaking at a public hearing in support of Spotsylvania’s joining the VRE
  • Speaking out about the lack of recognition in Spotsylvania County of the contributions and valor of the United States Colored Troops
  • Speaking on commonwealth budget at Sen. Ed Houck’s Town Hall in Spotsylvania
  • Submitting numerous letters to the Editor of local newspapers on on issues facing the community, and

Whereas, Dick Toye has dedicated time and expertise serving on a number of civic leagues and commissions in Spotsylvania County, including as

  • Member, Black Civic League Juneteenth Committee
  • For several years as a Member of the Spotsylvania County Grand Jury on “gang related activity”
  • Member, Hospital Board Spotsylvania County
  • Member 1st Congressional District Democratic Committee; now, therefore, it is hereby

Resolved, this 19th day of February, 2011, that the 1st Congressional District Democratic Committee recognizes and honors the Lifetime Achievement and Service of RICHARD ERVIN (DICK) TOYE to the Democratic Committee of Spotsylvania County, the 1st Congressional District and the Democratic Party of Virginia, and extends its appreciation and thanks to him for his years of his wisdom, mentorship, and leadership in support of Democratic ideals and causes.

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