Virginia Blogger Needs Scholarship To Attend Netroots Nation

“Democracy for America and America’s Voice have teamed up to provide financial assistance to deserving applicants attending this year’s Netroots Nation, a conference dedicated to providing progressive activists and candidates for office a forum to strengthen the online community and grow the progressive movement”. … fellow Virginia blogger and long time activist Ken Bernstein … best known as “teacherken” … needs your help to win a scholarship … “If he finishes in the first three in the opening round of voting, which ends March 28, he will be guaranteed a scholarship.”

Go to and click on his picture.
Ken Bernstein HS

Scroll down and see the names of those voting for him, some leaving comments.  “Among his supporters are people well known in educational circles, such as Diane Ravitch, Linda Darling-Hammond, Deborah Meier, Randi Weingarten, Parker Palmer, Jay Mathews and John Merrow; politicians and activists like Lee Diamond, Sue Langley, Mike Signer, Larry Roberts, Darcy Burner, Ingrid Morroy, Tom Vilsack, and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy;  and many of his students, present and former, and their parents.”

We all know an election is not over until all the ballots are counted … I hope you take time TODAY to vote for “teacherken” …  he need your help and cannot afford to attend this year’s event without winning the scholarship … click here and VOTE for TEACHERKEN

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