Tim Kaine Makes US Senate Run Official

Tim Kaine For U.S. Senate

The best decision I ever made was moving to Richmond to marry my wife Anne twenty six years ago. We’ve raised three kids, and still live in the house where I kicked off my first campaign for City Council in 1994.

I am excited to tell you I have made another decision: I am running for United States Senate.

Please watch my announcement video, made from the same steps where I launched that first campaign: http://www.KaineForVA.com/2012.

Kaine Video

I’m running for the United States Senate because America has big challenges and I’m convinced that Virginia has answers that can help strengthen our nation.

When I was Governor we worked together to cut billions from the budget, tightened our belt and made government more efficient. We invested in key priorities like education, Rail to Dulles, cleaning the Bay and saving open space. And we brought companies like Ikea, Volkswagen, Hilton, and many others to Virginia. We were ranked the Best Managed State in America, the Best State for Business and the Best State in which to Raise a Child.

While we still have a lot of work to do to help Virginians who are struggling, I know Washington can learn a few things from Virginia.

Watch my announcement video and sign up to support our campaign. We’re going to need to build a strong team of committed people like you if we’re going to win this campaign.


The work we’ve done together has produced victories and helped guide Virginia through the toughest economy in 70 years. I want you to be a part of the next victory, and the next step forward for Virginia.

Our record of success doesn’t mean this is going to be an easy campaign. It’s going to be long and difficult and the stakes are high. I need your help to take Virginia lessons of economic inclusion and fiscal responsibility to Washington.


Tim Kaine Signature

Tim Kaine

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