Memorable 32nd Annual Prince William County JJ

Chairman Bruce Roemmelt
In the weeks following the very successful Prince William County Democratic Committee’s Jefferson/Jackson dinner, I’ve given a good deal of thought about the various speeches given that evening. Chairman Bruce Roemmelt’s opening remarks recalling President Obama’s often told story “Fired Up – Ready to Go” set the mood for the evening.

With Congressman Gerry Connolly handling the introduction, U.S. Senate Candidate, Tim Kaine offered a comparison of his recent positions including Chairman of the DNC and Governor of Virginia and his ongoing role of father (who had spent part of the day cleaning the garage) and spoke of the importance of Prince William County to the future of Virginia.

Sally Davis and Gerry Connolly DPVA Chai Brian Moran, Lopez Jenkins, Roemmelt, Kaine

DPVA Chairman, Brian Moran provided the keynote and concentrated his remarks on creating a movement, articulating a message that resonates with voters, and recruiting candidates for each of the 140 races(100 House of Delegates and 40 Senate seats) open in 2011.  When he concluded a flow of Democratic candidates for a variety of statewide and PWC offices took to the podium to offer their remarks.  The evening concluded with the awarding of the Anne Moncure Wall Award

Anne Moncure Wall Award Winners

Anne Moncure Wall Award Winners

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