DPVA Chair Defines 2011 Election

I know that every year around this time your email box fills up with notes telling you about the importance of the next election and how much your time, your money and of course your vote mean to the future of our Commonwealth and our country. It can get tiring continuously being made to feel like we are teetering on the cliff with the Republicans ready to nudge us over the edge. But here’s the thing: It’s true.

As long as we live, being a Democrat in Virginia is never going to be easy. Republicans are as committed as ever to dragging Virginia and the country back to the Stone Age. We don’t have the luxury of taking a week, much less a year, off from our fight to make this Commonwealth more just, fair and prosperous for every person.

This year Bob McDonnell, Ken Cuccinelli and the Republicans are just 2 seats away from seizing control of the Virginia Senate and consolidating their hold on Virginia’s entire government. Will you donate $10, $25 or $50 today to our campaign to keep our Senate majority and preserve balanced government in Virginia?

Right now Democrats in the State Senate are the only ones with the power to keep McDonnell and the tea party from running roughshod over working families and the investments in education, public safety, clean air and water, and the social safety net that generate opportunity for them.

The Republican candidates for the Senate are the most radical group of right-wingers I’ve ever seen, and that’s really saying something. They’ve taken it to another level in their assault on the Democratic vision for Virginia. It’s up to us to respond in kind.

By making a contribution to the Democratic Party of Virginia today, you will support our campaign to preserve our last check on Bob McDonnell, Ken Cuccinelli and their reckless tea party agenda.

While Democrats focus on creating jobs, improving our schools and fixing transportation, this year’s Senate candidates want to end Medicare and Social Security, privatize Black Lung benefits for coal miners and abolish Virginia’s clean air and water agency. Once again, we are the only ones this year with the power to stop them. Please contribute today and join the Virginia Democrats who are taking their commitment to our shared values to the next level.


Brian J. Moran

P.S. — This year’s election is just 48 days away. Please don’t wait to make your contribution and help us stand up to the tea party assault on the middle class.

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