Alliance for American Manufacturing Ask You To Help Stop China’s Cheating

Ask Your Senators to Vote YES on S.1619 to Stop China’s Cheating

Dear Friend,

The Senate is closer than ever to finally tackling China’s job-killing, market distorting currency manipulation, but we still need your help.

This coming Monday the Senate will vote to bring S.1619, the Currency Exchange Rate Oversight Act of 2011, to the Senate floor. This common-sense bill will utilize our existing trade laws to provide a remedy for China’s illegal currency manipulation, which has cost the U.S. 2.8 million jobs over the past decade.

Join the thousands of Americans who have already asked their Senators to address China’s currency manipulation, which has contributed to the decimation of our middle-class, our manufacturing sector, and the American economy as a whole.


  • Click HERE to contact your Senators to ask them to vote for S. 1619.


  •  Locate the names and phone numbers of your senators by clicking HERE.
  • When the staff person answers, tell them that your name, where you are from, and that you’d like them to vote for “S. 1619, the China currency manipulation bill.”

Fixing China’s currency manipulation would create up to 2.25 million jobs and would reduce our budget deficit by up to $71.4 billion each year.

Economists, manufacturers and trade experts agree: There are no other policy options that would yield economic benefits on the same scale while also significantly reducing the deficit. None.

Together we can Keep it Made in America.


Scott Paul
Executive Director
Alliance for American Manufacturing

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