Virginia’s Democratic Party Senate and House Candidates for 2011


State Senate

SD 1- Sen. Jon Miller-

SD 2- Sen. Mamie Locke-

SD 5- Sen. Yvonne B. Miller

SD 6- Sen. Ralph Northam-

SD 9- Sen. A. Donald McEachin-

SD 10- David Bernard-

SD 13- Shawn Mitchell-

SD 16- Sen. Henry Marsh-
SD 17- Sen. Edd Houck-
SD 18- Sen. Louise Lucas

SD 20- Sen. Roscoe Reynolds-

SD 21- Sen. John Edwards-

SD 22- Bert Dodson-

SD 25- Sen. R. Creigh Deeds-

SD 27- Shaun Broy-

SD 29- Sen. Chuck Colgan

SD 30- Adam Ebbin-

SD 31- Barbara Favola-

SD 32- Sen. Janet Howell-

SD 33- Sen. Mark Herring-

SD 34- Sen. Chap Petersen-

SD 35- Sen. Dick Saslaw-

SD 36- Sen. Toddy Puller-

SD 37- Sen. Dave Marsden-

SD 38- Sen. Phil Puckett-

SD 39- Sen. George Barker-

SD 40- John Lamie-


House of Delegates

HD 2- Esteban Garces-

HD 3- Vern Presley-

HD 4- Del. Joseph Johnson

HD 9- Del. Ward L. Armstrong-

HD 10- David Butler-

HD 11- Del. Onzlee Ware-

HD 12- Don Langrehr-

HD 13- Carl Genthner-

HD 17- Freeda Cathcart-

HD 18- Bob Zwick-

HD 19- Lew Medlin-

HD 20- Laura Kleiner-

HD 21- Adrianne Bennett-

HD 31- Roy Coffey-

HD 34- Pamela Danner-

HD 35- Del. Mark Keam-

HD 36- Del. Ken Plum-

HD 37- Del. David Bulova-

HD 38- Del. Kaye Kory-

HD 39- Del. Vivian Watts-

HD 41- Del. Eileen Filler-Corn-

HD 42- Jack Dobbyn-

HD 43- Del. Mark Sickles-

HD 44- Del. Scott Surovell-

HD 45- Del. David Englin-

HD 46- Del. Charniele Herring-

HD 47- Del. Patrick Hope-

HD 48- Del. Bob Brink-

HD 49- Alfonso Lopez-

HD 52- Del. Luke Torian-

HD 53- Del. Jim Scott-

HD 57- Del. David Toscano-

HD 59- Connie Brennan-

HD 63- Del. Rosalyn Dance-

HD 64- Del. Bill Barlow-

HD 67- Eric Clingan-

HD 69- Del. Betsy Carr-

HD 70- Del. Delores McQuinn

HD 71- Del. Jennifer McClellan-

HD 74- Del. Joe Morrissey-

HD 75- Del. Roslyn Tyler-

HD 77- Del. Lionell Spruill, Sr.-

HD 79- Del. Johnny Joannou

HD 80- Del. Matthew James-

HD 87- Mike Kondratick-

HD 89- Del. Kenneth Alexander-

HD 90- Del. Algie Howell

HD 92- Del. Jeion Ward-

HD 93- Del. Robin Abbott-

HD 94- Gary West-

HD 95- Del. Mamye Bacote

HD 98- Andrew Shoukas

HD 99- Nick Smith-

HD100- Del. Lynwood Lewis-

Note:  re-posted from the Democratic Party of Virginia website in the hope that Virginia Democrats will use the links to get active in local races across the Commonwealth

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