Are Virginia Republicans Sending Illegal Unsolicited Text Messages Attacking Democratic Candidates?

The smell of desperation is in the air. Virginia Republicans know they can’t win on the issues or with the radical slate of candidates they have running for State Senate and the House of Delegates. So they’ve resorted to the usual underhanded tricks trying to scare, intimidate or confuse voters.  Over the past few days people from across Virginia have received unsolicited text messages to their cell phones attacking Democratic candidates. The DPVA has reason to belive that these text messages are illegal and we are doing everything we can to determine where they are coming from.

If you have received one of these messages, please take the following steps to help the DPVA determine who is sending them and hold them accountable:

1. Contact our unsolicited text messages hotline (hosted by Revolution Messaging) at 866-529-7620  to be forwarded to Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s Office of Consumer Affairs where you can file a complaint and urge him to investigate this violation of your privacy. 

2. File a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission the FCC.

3. File a complaint in small claims court.  Each recipient may obtain $500-$1500 per unauthorized text message received.

Running a slate of extreme right-wing candidates with no plan to create jobs, improve education or fix transportation is no excuse for breaking the law and violating voters’ privacy. Please help us hold the Republicans accountable for these underhanded and illegal tricks.

Thank you for your help in standing up to those who are breaking the law to advance their political agenda. 


David Mills

Executive Director

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