2011 Virginia Absentee Information

In just 7 days the elections to decide the State Senate, the House of Delegates and hundreds of local elections will come to an end. If you are already planning to vote on Election Day please make sure you have time to do so between 6AM-7PM on Election Day. If you will be unable to vote on Election Day due to work or travel or other reasons, please make sure you make arrangements to cast your vote by absentee ballot in the mail or in-person.

The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot is today at 5PM. You can download an application form here.

You can also cast an absentee ballot in-person at your local registrar’s office by Saturday, November 5th.  You can find the location of your registrar by clicking here.

These elections will decide what kind of Commonwealth we live in for the next few years. We cannot afford for a single Democrat to sit out while the Republicans are running to take total control over our government and impose their Tea Party agenda on middle class families. Please take whatever steps you can to make sure your voice is heard either on Election Day or beforehand through the absentee ballot.

Thank you for all you do,

Brian J. Moran

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