2011 Democrats Win Virginia Senate and House Seats

Please join VirginiaDem in extending congratulations to our winning 2011 candidates! (while we await the outcome of Senator Edd Houck’s re-election bid)

Senator John Miller (District 1)
Senator Mamie Locke (District 2)
Senator Yvonne Miller (District 5)
Senator Ralph Northam (District 6)
Senator Donald McEachin (District 9)
Senator Henry Marsh (District 16)
Senator Louise Lucas (District 18)
Senator John Edwards (District 21)
Senator Creigh Deeds (District 25)
Adam Ebbin Senator-elect (District 30)
Barbara Favola Senator-elect (District 31)
Senator Janet Howell (District 32)
Senator Mark Herring (District 33)
Senator Dick Saslaw (District 35)
Senator Toddy Puller (District 36)
Senator Dave Marsden (District 37)
Senator George Barker (District 39)

Delegate Onzlee Ware (House District 11)
Delegate Mark Keam (House District 35)
Delegate Ken Plum (House District 36)
Delegate David Bulova (House District 37)
Delegate Kaye Kory (House District 38)
Delegate Vivian Watts (House District 39)
Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn (House District 41)
Delegate Mark Sickles (House District 43)
Delegate Scott Surovell (House District 44)
Delegate David Englin (House District 45)
Delegate Charniele Herring (House District 46)
Delegate Patrick Hope (House District 47)
Delegate Bob Brink (House District 48)
Alfonso Lopez Delegate-elect (House District 49)
Delegate Luke Torian (House District 52)
Delegate Jim Scott (House District 53)
Delegate Roslyn Dance (House District 63)
Delegate Betsy Carr (House District 69)
Delegate Delores McQuinn (House District 70)
Delegate Jennifer McClellan (House District 71)
Delegate Joe Morrissey (House District 74)
Delegate Rosalyn Tyler (House District 75)
Delegate Lionell Spruill, Sr. (House District 77)
Delegate Mathew James (House District 80)
Delegate Tom Rust (House District 86)
Delegate Ken Alexander (House District 89)
Delegate Algie Howell (House District 90)
Delegate Jeion Ward (House District 92)
Delegate Mayme BaCote (House District 95
Delegate Lynwood Lewis (House District 100)

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