DPVA Ask You To Take Action To Protect Every Virginians Right To Vote


Dear Friends —

There’s something happening in Richmond that I think you should know about. Right now,Republican legislators are going out of their way to make it harder for Virginians across this Commonwealth to vote.

Republicans are pushing legislation to prevent thousands of Virginians who do not have government-sponsored identification from casting a regular ballot on election day. They want to make people who register to vote wait five days before casting an absentee ballot. They are also trying to make it illegal to help more than two people with an absentee ballot application in the same election year. 

Taken together this agenda has one clear purpose: to hinder and discourage participation in our democracy. They know that the only way they can win this year’s elections is to keep turnout low and they are trying to rig them before they even happen.
That’s why, this Tuesday, January 31 at 9:30AM, The Democratic Party of Virginia is joining forces with the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus and the progressive community for theProtect Our Vote Rally at the Bell Tower on the grounds of the Virginia Capitol in Richmond

Whether or not you can attend the rally, please also take a minute to make your voice heard by signing this petition opposing these anti-voter bills.

Bob McDonnell and the rest of the Virginia Republican Party should drop this campaign against voting rights and get to work on the problems Virginians elected them to solve, but they won’t unless we show up and demand it. 

I hope to see you Tuesday.


Brian Moran

One Response to DPVA Ask You To Take Action To Protect Every Virginians Right To Vote

  1. mhasegawa says:

    I no longer live in Virginia, but what is going on makes me very sad. The most I can do is send Tim Kaine a little money.

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