Lionell Spruill Thanks DPVA Convention Delegates

Note: Thoughtful words of thanks from a great Democrat!

Thank you Virginia Democrats for the kind words and support I have received from you during my campaign for re-election to the DNC.  It has been my pleasure to represent you and to fight for the values of the Democratic Party. 

I want to first apologize to the Delegates at the DPVA Convention on Saturday, for the conditions in which the convention was held.  As a member of the Steering Committee I believe, that while it was our goal to provide the best location for our party convention, we somehow ended up with a situation that got beyond our control and we were forced to make the best of it.  Especially to those congressional districts that were in the upper level of the Arts Center, I appreciate your cooperation with the inconveniences you were dealing with. 

While I was encouraged to continue my fight to retain my DNC seat in a runoff, I felt it was in best interest of our Democratic Party of Virginia to put Party before self.  While it appeared the party had not prepared for the circumstances which happened, we simply ran out of time, and in the interest of our convention delegation, I felt it was best to withdraw my candidacy to insure party unity and resolve the pressing issues of moving the convention voting to another location, for the sake of everyone in the building.

I want to say a sincere thank you to the staff and volunteers, who worked long hours and were operating on very little sleep, and did the best job they possibly could.

I feel confident that, in the future, our Party can, and will do better!

Now, I ask that you all join me in the task at hand, and that is to insure we come together and Re-elect President Barack Obama & Vice President Joe Biden and Tim Kaine and the democratic congressional candidates in November!


Lionell Spruill, Sr.

My PS: Congratulations to Mame Reiley, Doris Crouse-Mays, Frank Leone and George Wallace on being elected to represent Virginia on the Democratic National Committee

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