DPVA Announces Convention Results

Democratic National Committee Members
Doris Crouse-Mays
Mame Reiley
Frank Leone
George Wallace

The resolutions the Party passed at State Convention 2012 are available in the PDFs located at this link

Winners of At-Large Delegate, At-Large Alternate, PLEO to the 2012 National Convention:

At Large (Females)
Julie Agarwal
Lashresce Aird
Leni Gonzalez
Eucharia “Ukay” Jackson
Dawn Lawson
Rachel Rifkind
Anita White
Hanh Deniston
Kathy Shupe
Tina Clay
Louise Lucas
Lovely Lall
Chrisi West
Catherine Brillhart

At- Large (Males)
Babur Lateef
Alex Rodriguez
Ed Turner
Peter Owen
Jay Bandhari
Robert Haley
Chris Dumler
Steven Cochran
Toora Arsala

At Large Alternates
Lera Brown and Daniel Davis
Party Leaders and Elected Officials (PLEOs)
Jen Brown
Molly Ward
Eileen Filler-Corn
Mamie Locke
Charniele Herring
Jennifer McClellan
Jon Bowerbank
Ed Harlow
Fred Hudson
Mark Keam
Don McEachin
Scott Surovell
Luke Torian

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