DPVA Chair Thanks Convention Delegates

Dear Democratic Delegate,

On behalf of the Democratic Party of Virginia’s leadership and staff I would like to thank each of you for your participation in the 2012 State Convention! Thanks to you we were able to bring people together from every corner of our Commonwealth for two full days of meetings, convention business, receptions, and opportunities to learn from and meet fellow Virginia Democrats.

I’d like to thank the sponsors, staff and attendees who made our Friday night celebration with Senator Jim Webb and our Saturday night reception with DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz such successful events.  Hundreds of Democrats attended both events and helped make them incredible bookends for our convention weekend. 

I would also like to thank and congratulate the Asian American Constituency Group and the Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia for their outstanding receptions as well as Aneesh Chopra, the Progressive Caucus, Representative Jim Moran, Senator Mark Herring, and the Virginia Young Democrats for hosting hospitality suites to offer all of us a chance to continue our fellowship following our great receptions. A very special thanks to the Virginia Democratic Black Caucus who facilitated a fantastic boxed lunch option as well as the dozens of volunteers who helped make this event possible.

I hope everyone got the opportunity during the convention to visit the Women’s Action Center and Innovation Expo. Thanks to Virginia’s 21st century leaders for presenting amazing success stories of innovation and technology. Both were huge projects to pull off and both offered a great deal of valuable information and resources about ways Democrats are working to make people’s lives better across the Commonwealth. It was our effort to offer substantive policy programming in addition to convention business and rousing speeches.

Thanks to the Virginia Democratic Women’s Caucus, female Democratic elected officials and leaders from across the Commonwealth, Anne Holton and the Kaine campaign for their participation in the Women’s Action Center and our keynote presentation. Virginia Democrats are leading the way in 2012 for women’s rights.   

I would also like to congratulate the winners of the multiple elections we held at the convention. It was exciting to see so many candidates running to represent Virginia at our national convention and on the Democratic National Committee. Thanks to the individuals who submitted resolutions for our convention to consider and adopt. A list of winners and the resolutions passed at the convention can be found here. I was honored to receive authority to sign the Marriage Equality Pledge, and I am proud to make Virginia the twelfth state to do so!

The Democratic Party of Virginia, as an organization strives to offer the best possible service and experience to people like you who work so hard to elect Democrats in communities across the Commonwealth. In the coming weeks I’ll be asking our leaders from all over Virginia for feedback from this past weekend and input for State Conventions to come; with that goal in mind we have created the survey linked here as an avenue to kick-start this discussion.  As a party we do our best to learn from every success and every challenge in order to improve as we head into the future together.

Being surrounded by so many great Democrats from across Virginia last weekend is one of the highlights of my time as your party chair. Thank you for your participation in our convention and for your feedback in the survey linked above. As we move forward together in the final push to elect our Democratic candidates in November and build the campaign operation we need to win in 2013 and beyond; I look forward to continuing our work growing our party, electing Democrats and making life better for working families across this Commonwealth.


Brian Moran

P.S. Take a second to fill out our survery to ensure these events continue to grow stronger each time they are held.


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