McAuliffe for Governor Reaches Out


ENABLE IMAGES: Launching Virginians for McAuliffe

Earlier today, we launched Virginians for McAuliffe, a group of Democrats, Independents, and yes, Republicans, dedicated to electing a Governor who’ll fight for mainstream solutions.

Now, I’m a lifelong Democrat, but I think it says something special about this campaign that rather than catering to a tiny group of ideologues like his opponent, Terry is focused on building a broad coalition.

Will you help Terry out by inviting a friend to learn more about the campaign?

When Terry wins this election, it’ll be because people who share a vision for a better Virginia — one with more jobs, better schools, and safer, easier commutes — come together despite their differences to elect Terry.

I bet you can think of a friend who fits that description, but just isn’t tuned into this election yet.

(I know I can think of a few…)

I need your help catching their attention. Will you forward this email and ask them to learn more about the campaign?

They can sign up here to receive email updates:

Or keep track of the campaign on Facebook:

Levar Stoney
Deputy Campaign Manager
McAuliffe for Governor






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