Labor Day 2013

This Labor Day, we should all remember that American workers did not always have the protections that like workers’ rights, workplace safety, laws against child labor, a minimum wage, and protections against unsafe work practices.  These hard won societal gains are what we commemorate today

This Labor Day, Virginia Democrats are also entering this years’ election campaigns’ stretch run.   I was remembering how, in 2006, I traveled some 487 miles, attended 8 events from Prince William County to Newport News and visited 19 of the 23 cities/counties that make up Virginia’s 1st District speaking about how electing Democrats would help the movement to protect workers and lift all of us up.  If anything, today we have even more reasons to elect Democrats on every level.

Lancaster Labor Day Picnic

This Labor Day, all across Virginia at events in places like the Kilmarnock picnic (pictured above), Democrats will turn out in support of our candidates and enjoy the company of folks who care about what’s happening with our government. 

This Labor Day, Terry McAuliffe, Ralph Northam, Mark Herring  and quite a number of great Democratic candidates for the Virginia Senate, House of Delegates, county offices, and school boards will be traveling the Commonwealth trying to get their message out.  Every single one of them is optimistic about the outcome of the November 5th election but every one still needs our help to assure Democrats the predicted wins and major upsets that are possible in this “off year” election. 

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