Bill Clinton & …

Bill Clinton & I agree … “Don’t be one of those people.”

No one is running for president this year and we’re still a year from the midterm elections. So some people might be tempted to think this election is less important than last year’s.

With 7 days left, we need to show our strength and close the campaign strong. | GOTV Goal: $250,000 | Deadline: Thursday | DONATE NOW

Don’t be one of those people.

I’ve been in Virginia the last three days, and I’ve seen first-hand the passion of Terry’s volunteers and supporters. But they can’t do it alone. My friend Terry needs your attention, your commitment, and your support during the seven short days left before Election Day.

Donate $5 today to help Terry reach his Get Out the Vote fundraising goal  — and to make sure he can close his campaign strong.

Remember what’s on the line next Tuesday and remind your friends:

Ken Cuccinelli was the first Attorney General to sue the federal government to try to stop the Affordable Care Act. He opposes anti-discrimination protections for gay Virginians. And he’s fought for years to restrict Virginia women’s access to health care.

As governor, Terry will focus on what brings Virginians together, not what divides them. And above all, he’ll put job creation first.

A lot of the same people who tried to defeat President Obama last year are pouring millions into Virginia to attack Terry.

We’ve taken them on before and won — in the fight to pass the Affordable Care Act and, of course, in last year’s election.

With seven days left, it’s time to show our strength again. Donate $5 to support Terry today:

Thank you,

Bill Clinton




NOT “Paid for by Terry McAuliffe for Governor”

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