VOTE TUESDAY VIRGINIA Terry McAuliffe, Ralph Northham, MarK Herring

VOTE TUESDAY VIRGINIA Terry McAuliffe, Ralph Northham, MarK Herring

I got this email earlier from “Northam for Lt. Governor” … like him I ask you for your VOTE for all our great Democratic Party candidates all across the Commonwealth …

Dear Shawn,

You have had my back every step of the way. Your unwavering commitment is the cornerstone of our campaign, and I wanted to let you know just how grateful I am.

Before the polls open up on Tuesday, I need to make one last ask of you: your vote.

I never take anything for granted; the stakes are just too high for that. I wanted to share with you one last time why I need your vote on Election Day.

I got into this race because I wanted to bring Virginians together in order to move our Commonwealth forward. As your Lieutenant Governor, I will put an end to the extreme social agenda that has rolled into Richmond over the last couple of years. As a doctor, it is appalling that legislators would tell a woman what she should and shouldn’t be doing with her body.

Every major newspaper has endorsed our campaign. Why? Because I have a record of bipartisan problem solving, and I will continue to champion mainstream solutions to help Virginia families. A good doctor listens to his patients, and during this campaign, I have traveled across Virginia to listen to Virginians from all walks of life. I will be a Lieutenant Governor who will work every day for all Virginians.

We need to make Virginia more welcoming and keep the “open for business” sign shining bright. Discrimination has no place in the Commonwealth, and I will take a lead in advocating equality for all.

I am the only candidate this year to be endorsed by both the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce PAC and the Hampton Roads Chamber of Commerce PAC. I will make it my priority to create new jobs and make Virginia a top business destination for new companies. I will continue my efforts to put Virginians back to work and to make Virginia the undisputed best state for business.

The only way to achieve that kind of economic success is to make sure we have a world-class public school system. Virginia’s schools are our crown jewel, and as your Lieutenant Governor, I will make sure Virginia students will be prepared for the good-paying jobs of tomorrow. Every Virginia child must have access to pre-k so our children begin school ready to learn.

We have a lot of work to do and I have the experience to get it done. I humbly ask for your vote.

Thank you again for all you do,


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