Terry McAuliffe Inauguration Weather Mirrors Tim Kaine’s

January 11, 2014

TerryMa Gov VA


Just as with Tim Kaine’s inauguration in 2006 in Williamsburg, rain did not dampen the spirits in Richmond today as Terrence R. McAuliffe became the 72nd Governor of Virginia amongst well wishers from across the Commonwealth.

Thanks to Susan Rowland for posting this picture to facebook

Virginia’s “Farm Team” Democratic Gubernatorial Debate

April 13, 2009

The Farm Team is pleased to announce that NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell has agreed to moderate the Farm Team gubernatorial debate on Sunday, April 19 in Williamsburg.

Andrea Mitchell has been the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for NBC News since November 1994. Previously, she served as Chief White House Correspondent (1993-1994) and Chief Congressional Correspondent (1988-1992) for NBC News.

Please contact Susan Platt at 202-255-3455 for more information.

What: Farm Team Democratic Gubernatorial Debate
When: Sunday, April 19
Where: Williamsburg

About the Farm Team
Twenty-three women from around the Commonwealth gathered in September at former Attorney General Mary Sue Terry’s farm in Patrick County. The mission was straight-forward — to develop an organizational framework to recruit and support female candidates at the grassroots level — community volunteers, professional women’s organization members, campaign activists, homeowner’s association leaders, small business owners or others who can step forward to run for city council, school board, or other elected positions. Visit http://www.farmteam.org for more information.

Scheduled Participants

Creigh Deeds  – www.deedsforvirginia.com    

Terry McAullife – www.terrymcauliffe.com

Brian Moran – www.brianmoran.com

Terry McAuliffe Speaking At DPVA Winter Meeting About ’08 and ’09

December 7, 2008

The Democratic Party of Virginia already has two declared primary candidates for the top spot on the ticket in 2009 … the Governor’s race is heating up and this past Saturday … during the DPVA winter meetings one declared candidate, Creigh Deeds spoke … the other, Brian Moran, had a surrogate speak for him … and a potential but as yet undeclared candidate, Terry McAuliffe addressed the gathering … the following is the first part of a two part video of that speech … visitors should note that this site has posts and videos of both declared candidates from the fine work they’ve done supporting Democratic candidates all across Virginia … and …. as of today I have not endorsed any candidate for any office in the 2009 cycle …

Here’s part two … in total just over 15 mins …

While RK Closes Down Two New Virginia Blogs Surface

December 5, 2008

With the upcoming closure of RK (Raising Kaine) two new blogs have been announced …  New Dominion Project  and Blue Commonwealth … both have been added into our Virginia links … and I want to wish both groups all the best! …. clearly the niche RK served would be hard for any one blog to capture … head on over and check them out

Thank You Lowell, Eric, and all the Folks At Raising Kaine, RK

November 29, 2008

Lowell Feld Asks Questions

Immediately after the public announcement that RK (formerly Raising Kaine) was closing up at the end of this year I sent the following email to Lowell Feld (he’s the one pictured above asking me questions while Ingrid Morroy checks out her camera)   

Hi Lowell,  I read your entry about the future of RK with a mixture of sadness and a flood of memories … after years of efforts to make RK the “Voice of Progressive Virginia” the results must be very satisfying for you… I hope you take great satisfaction in the Democratic victories occurring all across our Commonwealth … by my count RK has had a major role in victories in one Governor’s race, one Senate primary and general election, and what looks like three seats VA-02, VA-05 and VA-11 along with another Senate seat … not to mention one very successful Presidential outcome and all the various successful Delegate and State Senate races  … these victories are in no small part due to the netroots strategy you helped put in place … I’m actually pleased that you may now become personally involved in the real work of governing begins … going forward … no matter what you do … I want to thank you and your family for all you have done for our party, our nation, and our world … 

Keep fighting the good fight!

Note: I checked on the minor contributions I was able to make to the RK blog they included … comments  – 254
2008 – 64 posts 
2007 – 62 posts
2006 – 7 posts
The following are titles and links to the postings made as “Shawn” over the years on RK … I’m not certain how long they will remain active links:
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Norfolk Rally Scheduled For Tuesday With Barack Obama

October 26, 2008


Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator Barack Obama is scheduled to be in Norfolk Tuesday at Harbor Park baseball stadium. 

This event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required, though, an RSVP is strongly encouraged.  To RSVP, please click here

Details of the event below:

TUES, OCT. 28, 2008 
Norfolk, VA 
Norfolk Change We Need Rally 
Harbor Park 
150 Park Avenue 
Norfolk, VA 23510

Gates Open: 7:00PM 
Program Begins: 9:30PM

Congressman Jim Moran Pushes NOVA and Commonwealth on Stephanie Miller Show

October 21, 2008

Today my friend Congressman Jim Moran (and his dog) were on the Stephanie Miller Radio Show.  He called in from what some of the GOP (including John McCain’s brother) are trying to label as the communist part of Virginia.  The Congressman pointed out how absurd it is for these Republicans calling an area, that includes the Pentagon and the CIA, communist.

Congressman Moran told Stephanie and her listeners that he believes these radical Republicans will be “soundly repudiated”,  that NOVA will vote “2/3rds for Democrats”, and “they will lose throughout the Commonwealth”  

I appreciate Congressman Moran’s work in and helping Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Mark Warner and Democrats win elections all across Virginia and our Nation. He deserves a major hat tip and thanks from all of us for what he does in Congress and in helping move our Commonwealth and our Country forward.  

I encourage every voter in VA-08 to go to the polls and vote for Congressman Moran and all our Democratic candidates!